Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Home Studio Remodeling

I am currently in the process of remodeling my home studio, aka Anode Records World Headquarters located in suburban St. Louis, MO. My space is a 13' x 16' carpeted room in the basement, with a ceiling height that is 6'8" for just over half of the room, and 7'6" for the remainder. My plans include thorough cleaning, new paint, building a good deal of acoustic treatment and bass traps, and actually connecting a lot of the equipment that has just been sitting around. You can see my proposed layout in the Sketchup pictures I have made below. I will not include actual pictures at this time, because it is a bit of a disaster since my time for this is limited.

The general layout includes my rack gear and synths to the right of the computer desk, the DJ setup along the left wall, and the guitar, mics, and PA will be along the back wall.
In future posts & videos, I will detail building and testing all acoustic treatments.
I like using Google's Sketchup to visualize things before moving forward. It's a fun and free program available HERE
My main goal is to create a Reflection Free Zone(RFZ) for the mix position, and to tame the early reflections in the rest of the room so that I can actually record non electronic instruments and vocals with clarity.

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