Monday, May 14, 2012

Home studio remodeling, part 2

After spending most of my available time working on this project, my studio remodel is nearly complete. I have finished and installed all of my DIY acoustic treatment, cleaned, painted, and rearranged some of my gear. After installing all of the treatment and bass traps, the only thing I can say is "why did I wait this long to do this?" While it is difficult for me to quantify without testing, the bass response is much more clear and defined, with greater stereo imaging. I have yet to work on a serious production or mix, but in my preliminary noodling around I have been able to make better decisions regarding the low end frequencies on some of my work.

I will be posting sometime soon about my other DIY acoustic treatments, including how I made them, and what they accomplish for my room. 

Here are some pictures of the "new" setup:
Workstation view #1, and yes that is a lava lamp on the right above the rack gear.

Workstation view 2, including the door and how I made a trap work there.

Records...and some mics & other stuff.

The back wall.

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