Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Portable Cassette Player DIY Distortion effect

I'm not quite sure where I remember this trick from, maybe a circuit bending group on Yahoo from a dozen years ago. Here's a quick and easy hack on an old portable cassette player, to make it become a noisy distortion effect. The parts are easy to come by, and this is a pretty fun little sonic trick to try on select sources. Guitars, synths, drum machines, vocal mics, all need a bit of filth every now and again. There's really nothing fancy at all about this one, including the sound. You just simply take apart your cheap Sony Walkman knockoff portable cassette player until you can access the tape head(the magnetic device that translates the recording on the cassette). Next, attach a 1/4" jack (3.5mm) to a pair of wire leads, and then connect the opposite end of the leads to the bottom of the tape head connections. Then, you'll need to put it back together well enough to hold the batteries, and capable of dealing with your level of use/activity/travel.